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Kerry Trickett Yoga

"Balance in the body is the foundation for balance in life."
B.K.S. Iyengar
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Welcome to Kerry Trickett Yoga

Hi, I'm Kerry and I am so happy to be holding my two new evening Hatha yoga classes in the beautiful space of Studio Sixteen in Petersfield!


My small group classes include mindful breath work, engaging sequences and restorative relaxations. All levels are very welcome and will be supported appropriately with modifications and variations. Friendly, accessible yoga classes with the option to enjoy a chat and some yogi tea after class.

Studio Sixteen is a wonderful, air conditioned space, conveniently located right next to Swan Street Car Park (free after 6pm) above Salon Sixteen. Find the entrance to the studio to the left of Salon Sixteen entrance. Just buzz the 'studio' button and I will let you up!

Please bring a mat and water bottle and wear comfortable clothing that allows a free range of movement. 


yoga in the woods, Arch Matsyendrasana
Namaste in woodland
Three-legged dog in woodland

Why Hatha?

HA means sun THA means moon – the yoga of balance – to align mind, body and spirit.


Hatha yoga improves strength, flexibility, posture, bone health and balance while breath work, (pranayama) improves circulation and enables us to enter the parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest state).


In a world where our attention is so often drawn outside of us, Hatha yoga brings us back to ourselves, encouraging introspection so that we can tune in to the needs of our bodies and minds.

While the asanas (postures) help us to gain that much needed stability in our bodies, yoga includes seven other branches or 'limbs' on the journey back to the self. I love to weave threads of this ancient yogic wisdom throughout my classes and link it to our modern lives.

Black and white photograph of Kerry in King Dancer pse in Studio Sixteen in Petersfield with partial view of reflection in mirrored walls.
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